Availability of location service enabled comprehensive forest land information for all types of Forest lands in the state. FLI-DSS involves comprehensive coverage of all kinds of Forest lands in the state such as Notified Forests, DLC & Revenue Forests, Deemed Forests, Diverted Forest lands, Protected areas, Sanctuaries, ESZ and wildlife corridors etc. It is a map based Analysis of Forest land data layers integrated with map data sources such as SoI, FSI and HRSI Ortho imagery etc. for generation of decision support inferences on Conservation, Protection, Change Assessment and Forests Management FLI-DSS shall facilitate dissemination of map based, location centric forest land information, data analytics and reporting to assist the Field Officials as well as Decision makers in efficient decision making. AoI based map analysis for decision on appropriate Forestry intervention for reducing forest degradation and enhancing growth. Systematic generation of DSS reports on involvement of Forest land, ESZ, National Park, Sanctuary boundary etc. in targeted AoI to facilitate administrative decisions on proposed developmental projects.

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